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Project name and description

ANAFE NEMENZO, graduated in EARIST with a degree in Bachelor Science in Interior Design. As a child, she used to draw on paper, in leaves, on the sand, the wall and even on a basin of water by dropping melted crayon on it. Aside from her early interest in drawing and experimenting with other materials, the knowledge and concepts of her discipline controbuted to her body of works.


As a student, she used to join painitng competitions and after graduating, she began to focus more on her art. She won in several art competitions, joined group exhibits and participated in doing murals, and was also featured in several art magazines and newspapers.


in 2017, after winning in an art competition, she received a big break to represent the Philippines in "Berliner Liste" exhibit in Berlin, Germany and got interviewd by Antenne Frankfurt, in Franfurt germany. Since then, she was able to exhibit in Milan Italy, Jakarta Indonesia, Amsterdam Netherlands and in Cologne Germany.


One of the most distinct features in all her works is that it focuses on people. At first look, it may appear to be an abstraction but as soon as you look closer, you will find myriads of people intricately and painstakingly painted and shows much of the artist's attention to details, Anafe depicts the life of the people, constantly moving and engaging in various activities and encourages positivity in looking at life's everyday challenges.


Finding inspiration for Anafe is not difficult, who takes a lot of patience, perseverance, and observation of her environment. She considers Pablo Picasso's points of view in life and art and also draws inspiration from Philippine artists like Emmanual Nim and Sam Penaso. She also believes that one should have the passion to pursue her dreams and ambitions to become successful in the field of art.  

Beyond Comfort Zone:Anafe Nemenzo 2017