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Project name and description

SALVADOR "BUDS" CONVOCAR is one of the most noted Filipino artist of our time. He is recognized for his paintings, pastels, illustrations, graphic designs and unique mixed media artworks. His themes are whimsical, abstract and recently has steampunk inspiration. Convocar creates art with all kinds of technologies and techniques and aims to soften the design despite the jaggedness and sturdy properties of the mixed media itself. His mixed media pieces consist of metal scraps made into unique decorative and functional art wiith industrial characteristics.


Before pursuing a full-time career in painting, Convocar spent his early years in the academe handling subjects such as design, illustration, painting, typography, cartooning and other subjects. Cumulatively, he spent almost 30 years of teaching in private universities in Manila.


Convocar had had exhibits all over the Philippines and overseas including the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia. He participated in prestigious international group exhibitions such as Langkawi Art Bienalle in 2014, South Korea Bienalle in 2004 and represented the Philippines in Sao Paolo Bienalle in 1994.


He received numerous awards in various art competitions for local and international events. His accomplishements have gained him recognition and respect in the community,  including holding key positions in several art organizations such as the Saturday Art Group and Art Association of the Philippines.

Convocar-Groovy Guitarist 2018