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Project name and description

CEZAR ARRO who is from Iloilo is an expressionism and  modern realistic visual artis who has been practicing his career for 21 years. Aside from his regular exhibits  in the Philippines, Cezar has participated in international exhibitions including Art Apart in Singapore 2017 and Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong  from 2015-2019.


His paintings of facial expressions are non-deliberate and unexpected. It is in the spur of the moment that he generates his art without any basis from bound documentation and are part of  his own imagination and concept.


Most if not all of his works are based on experiences, his own existence. From the time of his early works as struggling artist up to the moment of him experimentingunexpected and uncalled concept.


He is one of the most dedicated Visual Artist of our time. He has been practicing Visual Arts for 21 years and has regularly been featured in local, national and international publications like Sun Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Contemporary Art Magazine of the Philippines, Elite Magazine and Asian Arts News. He is a fourth time finalist of the Philippine Art Award and fourth time winner of the Visayan Art Award.


Cezar has served as the Chairman of Mind Art Torture Iloilo Artists and Bands Organization from 1994-2005.


Cezar Arro portrait 2020 3x4 ft