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Project name and description

FEDERICO ELIZALDE is a visual artist currently living in his home country of the Philippines. He studied life figure drawing, ceramic sculpture, and oil painting at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Federico lived in Ubud, Bali for several years, attending life figure drawing sessions at the Pranoto Art Gallery, and studied Pengosekan painting which portrays birds, trees and nature, as well as Batuan painting which portrays detailed figures of Balinese cultural icons placed closed together like a jigsaw puzzle. The artist has written and illustrated a picture book called "Teman Hutan" about reforestation, for the Sumatran Orangutan Society. He also wrote and illustrated another book, "The Streets of Ubud" about the flow of water that provides the energy of life.He has exhibited at the Fly Gallery in Ubud, Bali in 2009, as well as Rubicon Restaurant Bali in 2008. In May 2018, he exhibited in the Pinto Museum in Antipolo, Rizal and participated in the Manila Art Fair 2018 under Dave Gallery.


Federico works with a technique that he calls "Aluminuchrome," in which gilded aluminum leaf is covered in thin translucent layers of colour paint to react to light, simulating the backlit illumination of a window, in order to stimulate the visual cortex of the brain.


The reflective properties of the metal leaf in the paintings not only capture and react to light to simulate sunlight, but also symbolize of our need to reflect upon ourselves and contemplate what we are doing to this planet. The Earth occupies what scientist call the "Goldilocks Zone," a region in the solar system that is not hot like Venus, not cold like Mars but just right in temperature. This optimum distance from the sun that allows water to form and creates the unique conditions for life to flourish. Sun, water, nature, and vanishing eco-cultural icons, are the elements unifying the works displayed, and hope to show existing alternatives to change the trajectory of the current destructive trends. His works comprise of nostalgic images across the Philippines of scenes that encompass this theme.

Solar Wind:F. Elizalde 2019