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Project name and description

FRANKLIN VALENCIA who signs his artworks as "CAÑA" (his middle name), draws his artistic inspiration from his childhood memories of playing glass marbles in the streets with other children. With the fragmented images that characterize his art, Cana displays the play of colours and light, the colourful patterns and the way the hues weave through each other in his paintings. His art brings the viewer through a kaleidoscope, with different pictures, patterns and angles emerging with every shake or tilt.


Caña specializes in abstract paintings with special texturing techniques using vibrant hues and myriad of colours. His works infuse nature and show man's symbiotic relationship with his environment to impact social consciousness.


He is a member of the prestigious Saturday Art Group of Artists. He has been a visual artist for more than two decades and has already held several solo and group exhibits in the Philippines. Cana likewise has already exhibited in the US, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. His artworks have been featured in several magazines, newspapers and television shows in the Philippines.


Caña was born in Calauag, Quezon. He grew up in Quezon City and studied Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines.

Singkil by Frank Caña 2019