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Project name and description

KATE SPARROW has staged several solo and group exhibitions in London and Hong Kong. She is the co-founder of the "We Are Here" Arts Outreach Project and is currently developing large scale community art in Hong Kong.


Sparrow's work explores social and political issues. She works in a variety of media, from screen printing to paintings. Her paintings aim to unpick the codes and conventions of set behaviour. Dress, especially traditional dress, is layered with a variety of meanings and tied up in cultural and gender markers. She sees our clothes as having historical and social messages, indicating conformity or resistance.


Through her art, Sparrow hopes to question society's programmed thoughts when seeing a person in traditional dress. She asks the person sitting for her to act against the expected norm of wearing the outfit. The use of colour and pattern reflects the personality of the subject. She uses a variety of acrylic painting techniques to give the work a textural and layered quality.


Sparrow graduated from the University of the Creative Arts in the UK with a BA in Visual Communication.

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