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Project name and description

LEI MANTO studied important works of various contemporary artists, and came up with his own idea creating a unique style but commonly familiar to young children and older people.  The subject matter in all his paintings is inspired by his surroundings and experiences. He enjoyed playing jigsaw puzzle when he was young so he created art where he can always see pieces of jigsaw puzzle to complete his subject.  


He transfers to his canvas all the emotions that he sees in other people's mind and come up with a good subject that touches the heart of the viewers. His works seek to encounter that is based on visceral and sensitive understanding-preceding judgments and preconceptions. This well-orchestrated visual chaos of seemingly  incomplete jigsaw puzzle type of painting, can be understood as a metonym and is further emphasized by the work's title. He likes to create art that is not only nice to look at, but also full of emotions, and he wants the viewer to have reactions, wether emotional or physical.




On Line:Lei Manto 2019