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Project name and description

Mario "Ram" Mallari Jr initially took up architecture but did not finish his course as he married early. To provide for his growing family, worked as a draftsman in the Middles East. Coming from humble beginnings, Mallari Jr was exposed to metal works early as some in his family worked as metal smiths. In 2012, he followed his family tradition and immersed himself full-time in metal sculpting, with his retro futuristic work in intricate metalwork techniques.


Mallari Jr has received international acclaim due to the uniqueness of his artwork using salvageable scrap metals transformed into beautiful works of art. His distinct style has received overseas recognition. His works have been featured in broadcast and print media such as Thompson Reuters, Washington Post, NBC News TV, BBC News and Yahoo and History Channel.


Mallari Jr pursues his environmental advocacy in his art and believes in the importance of "reducing, reusing and recycling." Today, the artist frequently visits factories, industrial locations, scrap yards and shops to buy metal parts coming from industrial pipes, iron gears from dismantled bicycles or even heavy duty machineries as well as steel bolts and rods saved from vehicles. He also buys fat and thin flat steels, copper wires and pipes, and other residues from industrial products.


He turns scrap materials into watch towers, chess pieces, clocks, steam and motor vehicles, zeppelins, ships, animal images and pop icons. Upon closer look, one discovers the underlying concept in Mallari Jr's work rooted in a utopian depiction of an imagined future forged from memories of an earlier era. His work explores themes of tension between past and future, and between the alienating and empowering effects of technology.

R. Mallari Jr.- Battle of the Nuts