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Project name and description

RISHAB TIBON has always been keen and enthusiastic about arts ever since he was a child. He is a self-taught artist who learned by reading art books and doing own experimentation and from time to time joining on the spot paintings. In his early teens, a job as an artist at Alemars Bookstore gave him an opportunity to get to read and study many art books and he was fascinated by the works of Frank Frazetta, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, The Pre-Raphaelites, Joan Miro and others which sometimes can be seen as influences in styles in his artworks.


Tibon started painting in the 1980's using watercolour and oil as medium but later on shifted to acrylic paints. Sometimes, he would combine the use of acrylic and oil. His works are personal in nature and a reflection of his inner self. He would mostly put philosophical and spiritual undertones in the theme of his works but leave the viewers to discover for themselves the interpretation of the meaning of his works.


He paints spontaneously on canvas guided by the inspiration that springs up from his mind during the moment. He has learned to trust his instinct, the conscious and unconscious interplay of his mind and themes sometimes looking hallucinatory that would usually feature nature and environment in his artworks.


Tibon has already done several solo and group exhibits in the Philippines and overseas such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, USA and Mexico. He has exhibited in Simposio International De Pintura in Mexico 2017, Gangwon Art Fair in South Korea 2015, Art Revolution in Taipei 2013, Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong 2013, Affordable Art Fair in Singapore 2012, Melbourne Affordable Art Fair 2012 and the Asian Contemporary Art Show in Singapore 2006.

Rishab Tibon-Whispers of a Dream 2018