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Project name and description

Even before graduating from the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts in 2007, ROVI JESHER SALEGUMBA has already made a name for himself by winning the Grand Prize in the prestigious National Shell Painting Competition with his painting entitled "Become."


Recognizing the profound impact of art on those who perceive it, Salegumba sees to it that his paintings leave the viewer in a more positive state, that the artworks encourage a more optimistic outlook, or that it uplifts the viewers in some way.


Salegumba's preferred medium in painting is oil. He derives inspirations from nature and environment, poetry, literature, music, myths and legends and at times personal experiences. He weaves fascinating and inspiring stories related to him by people, sometimes dabbling in metaphysical and spiritual. Most common subjects in his paintings are stylized human figures using birds to symbolize his personal metaphor for soul or spirit.


His works exhibit a unique painting technique, with very sharp and clean lines as influenced by his background in digital arts. He uses clean and "controlled" impasto technique as opposed to the free flowing somewhat "chaotic"

impasto in most paintings. He uses the "impasto" technique to achieve a three-dimensional rendering to his works.


Salegumba's paintings celebrate culture, tradition and Filipinos rich heritage. It also celebrates nature, unity, diversity and the boundless beauty that surrounds us.

R. Salegumba 2018:Transcend 36X24