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Project name and description

SUE PERKS is a Hong Kong-based encaustic painter whose work explores colour, pattern and textures found in the urban environment and the juxtaposition of urban imagery with natural forms.


The ancient process of encaustic painting uses medium derived from a combination of beeswax and resin dating back B.C. Perks is continually challenged by the balance between encaustic painting to create a controlled composition and intuitively allowing the free flow of the wax in its liquid form.


The compositional structure is pivotal, as she strives to achieve a sense of balance and unity. The numerous rich layers are heated and fused, scraped and burnished to explore these fascinating properties and the spontaneity of the melted wax. This technique allows Perks to formally organise structured grids, whilst exploring the relationship of colours, textures and lines.


Perks has regularly exhibited in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK and her works are held by collectors worldwide.



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