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Project name and description

Growing up in a family of artists, it has been her nature to draw and learn painting from an early age. WENCYL MALLARI, started drawing under the guidance of her father who is also an artist when she was 9 years old doing charcoal portraits, landscapes, and still life.


Aside from her father, she admires the works of classical artist like Leonardo Da Vinci, and landscape artist Philip Hackert. She also admires the classical figures of David Gray and the hyper-realism styles of Anna Haldin Maule.


At the age of 15, she already participated in a group show and was also interviewed by a local TV station in the same year. In 2011, she and her father did a project in Ukraine making interiors and murals for Funtura Donetsk. In 2015, she won the Grand Price for Art Petron National Painitng Competition and has won other awards in several art competitions.


Wencyl studied BS Architecture but struggled to both work and study at the same time. She was unable to finish university level because she had to sacrifice her studies so that her younger sibling can go to college instead. She eventually married, had to take care of her family and become a full-time mom.


From conservative realism, she is now into contemporary figurative painting using realism and symbolism. Her works dwell on the dual mystic of nature and feminity. She aims to feature women as strong, proud and elegant. And she welcomes the modern age and embraces the challenges of creating new styles. Now she has started reviving her passion for painting and is more active in joining group shows and art competitions as well.



Lotus, Wencyl Mallari 2019